Big Up Cakes

Danville Warner

Whilst I have not studied professionally I have a vast knowledge when it comes to baking. I grew up in a family that loved to cook and that's how my passion for baking was started. I would make the wedding cakes for friends and family alongside my brother Kenneth. We started out in our teenage years impressing people with our unique designs and creativity. My Brother does the more traditional style cakes, while I like the new and modern style of decorating. We tend to stay away from repeating designs and copying other peoples ideas.

Kenneth Warner

I have been baking since my teenage years with my brother Danville. We developed our skills on our own, working as a team to make cakes for friends, family and the general public once word spread of our skills. I like the more traditional style of cakes, whilst my Brother is more modern. I work in London to make my cakes, with my Brother and Niece travelling to help me when needed.

Cheraldine Warner

I work with my Father Danville and Uncle Kenneth on the cake decorating side of the business. We work together to create different and unique cakes. I have years of college experience in cake decorating and I make most of the flowers and figures for the cakes. I enjoy coming up with the designs and how the cake should look. My Father, Uncle and I always make a basic plan before hand, then work together to create the perfect cake for your occasion.

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